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Information about us:

We are Buy This House, an online resource enabling Estate Agents to advertise their services and property portfolios to both local and national clients and to generate property sales leads via the system. We also help EstateAgents seeking assistance with their marketing endeavours.  Our Postal address is currently 121A Nottingham Road. Derby. DE1 3QR.

Changes to these terms:

These terms and conditions may from time to time be revised. This will be done by the amendment of these pages. We advise you to check back to ensure you are up to date with any alterations and terms of use. We may update our site from time to time and may change the content at any time. However, please note that any of the content on our site may be out of date at any given time, and we are under no obligation to update it.


1 We do not guarantee that our site, or any content on it, will be free from errors or omissions.

2 For those wishing to find a property to buy, It is the responsibility of the Estate Agent who lists the property to ensure all information submitted on Buy This House is complete, accurate and correct. This data forms the basis of any interest  buyers will have in getting in touch. Buy This House cannot be held responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur due to the intentional or unintentional submission of incorrect data.

3 This website offer the facility to browse corporate profiles and sales portfolios in order to be contacted directly through their supplied links. The information you submit via the website will be sent directly to the agents in question. It is thier responsibility to respond to any and all leads as per their company procedures. Buy This House cannot be held responsible for action or inaction taken by any third party. 

3.1 Please note, we can offer no guarantee that any EstateAgent may wish to list properties in your area of choice.

3.3 Our services are based entirely around the website Buy This House any questions or contact should be directed to team@buythishouse.co.uk

3.4 We are not party to any or all contact or conversations you may have with any agent who you may becomes connected with via this website. An expression of interest by you in any property listed does not constitute a formal contract or commitment to buy. 

3.5 The use of our service simply creates an introduction to UK EstateAgents and their property portfolios. At no point does any information submitted or quote overview form the basis of a contract. By contacting EstateAgents, you are not agreeing to engage them, you are simply sourcing experts and property. We cannot guarantee any third party conduct, Should you wish to submit feedback not any EstateAgents you may come into contact with via Buy This House, you can  share your thoughts via our email: feedback@buythishouse.co.uk

3.6 buythishouse.co.uk may contain advertorial and editorial content supplied by EstateAgents who have accounts. We do not endorse any content submitted by any third parties and we do not necessarily share the views or opinions of third-party content producers.

4.1 As previously stated, it is your responsibility to ensure that any information you provide to Buy This House is accurate. Changes and/or alterations can be made directly on the website via your user account or by the administration team at Buy This House submitted via email: team@buythishouse.co.uk Incorrect information submitted may not only be a breach of our terms and conditions. We do not accept any liability/loss/damage for incorrect data submitted from any user.

4.2 By continuing to use this website, you agree to be liable for any issues arising from your use/misuse of this website.

4.3 You agree to ensure that your use of our website and any services we provide do not infringe the rights of any other person or body. By using this website, you agree to our terms and conditions which include not using this website for any reason/purpose that is unlawful or prohibited.

5 By using this website, you acknowledge that Buy This House own all the relevant Intellectual property on the buythishouse website along with any content produced by us or authorised content produced from third-party authorised content producers. We grant users a temporary license to store/print content from this website for none commercial purposes only.

5.1 Buy This House claim no ownership of any images or Intellectual Property owned by any individual or company uploading content to their website accounts. The rights of each and every image remain with the image author and have been uploaded by them or authorised account holders and at their own choice. This website may use the images via multiple placeholders throughout the website. Content and Images uploaded may be shared across multiple social media platforms by the Buy This House team, but only by sharing the account in question and always with full credits. 

5.2 The images on this website are not public domain and are not free to use by any third party. This is not a stock image website and you are NOT ALLOWED to download or save any images from this website for any reason without the direct permissions from the IP holder in question.

6.2 Buy This House does not endorse or recommend any service providers you may come in contact with via this Website. Nothing on this website should be deemed as advice or recommendation or to suggest you should engage the services of one Professional/company above the other. Any content produced by Buy This House should be taken as general information only and to add to any information you may find elsewhere in order for you to make your own decisions. We cannot provide any warranty as to the accuracy of information on this website. You use our website at your own risk.

7.1 Our intention is to provide a continuous service with little or no interruptions to access. We reserve the right to alter/edit and curate content or remove content from the website along with remove any or all services and access with no prior notification or liability to you as a user. Any removal of content is at the discretion of the buythishouse team. As per our Privacy policy, we also reserve the right to disclose any and all information we deem appropriate to satisfy any law or legal processes.

7.2 We take appropriate steps to prevent any parties misusing our systems. However we accept no liabilities for loss or damage from any virus or malware you may come in contact with whilst using our website.

8.3 Should you be in a position to produce content published on this website, you grant Buy This House royalty-free and irrevocable license to use and reproduce content as we see fit only in connection with BTH directed endeavours. Buy This House reserve the right to remove any content produced by any third party without notice. Any content removed will be irretrievable to the content author.

8.3 By using this website, you acknowledge that any reviews or user-generated content may be old and sometimes no longer relevant, may have a bias, or has the potential to be intentionally misleading. Buy This House cannot be held responsible for content produced in this manner or for your reliance on such content as part of your decision making process.

9.1 If any part of these terms and conditions shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed to be severable from the conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining provisions of the conditions. Each provision of these terms and conditions shall be construed as separately applying and surviving even if for any reason one or other of those provisions is held to be inapplicable or unenforceable in any circumstances.

9.2 The Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

10 This website contains links to third party websites out of our control. We cannot be responsible for the content you view on these websites. Any links to third party websites located on this website are provided for your convenience only. We have not reviewed each third party website and have no responsibility for such third party websites or their content. We do not endorse the third party websites or make representations about them or any material contained in them. If you choose to access a third party website linked to from this website, it is at your own risk.

Terms specific to EstateAgents:

This website is a platform dedicated to celebrating and bringing opportunity to Estate Agents across the country. These additional terms add to the general terms and conditions with a more EstateAgent account specific focus.

P1. The account you create is your profile. Your profile enables you to upload images, create a text bio and include direct web links to your websites and social media.

P1.3. Buy This House reserve the right to filter and curate content in order to maintain a ‘clean’ environment for those viewing the website. We as website administrators and the owners of the Buy This House project reserve the right to remove content we feel has the potential to cause offence, is inaccurate or falsely represented. No refunds will be offered for content or account removals. 

P2. Buy This House account carries an annual subscription. Payments are called for via our (2019) Payment partner: Stripe. Cancellations require a 30 day notice period. 

P2.1 We reserve the right to interrupt the service of accounts that are delinquent or have no payments in place. You can contact us directly via email: team@buythishouse.co.uk or by telephone: 01332 974 021.

P2.2 There are no refunds applicable for the Buy This House project, this includes account terminations for breach of these terms or account cancellations by the user. 

P3. Buy This House cannot guarantee leads from its website, the regularity of any or all opportunities available. You should not rely on this website to be your sole source of lead generation.

P4. Any contact received via this website does not create any formal or binding agreement of services, you have no obligation to quote or commit to any opportunities available.