Data Policy. Data Usage Statement.

The following statement about data usage explains how any data we collect is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR).

The website Buy This House is intended for use by people over the age of 18.

Any Data we store is only ever done after you have granted us permission. This is done due to your decision to create an account with us. Any data is stored for the purposes of utilising the services available via Buy This House and for billing/account administration. At every step, we will keep you informed of what data we are processing and why. You have the decision to opt in or not, but by not giving us permission to use any information in the way we describe, you may not be able to access certain aspects of the features available. We will only keep accounting records should you wish to cancel your account.

We take Data security seriously so all accounts are secured with two-step authentication at account creation. We use encrypted passwords and SSL which encrypts data sent between the browser and server. The minimal Physical Data we may keep is always kept in secure storage. Should there be any Data breach, we will notify account holders immediately and fully investigate to re-secure any data. We will always inform you of any Data breach and the causes of which along with steps taken to prevent repeat security issues.

We use third-party providers for accounts and payments, service and information delivery. Data collated by these services will be subject to their own policies and procedures. Any information collected or processed by an authorised third party will be clearly stated at each step. Information about any third parties can be found either throughout the pages of Buy This House or by account holders contacting us directly.

You have the right to request what information we have stored about you at any given point. Any request for information will be processed within 30 days upon receipt of the request. Please, direct data requests to

It is your responsibility as a Buy This House Account holder to keep your information up to date. If any account information alters, you can inform us directly or you can do this via the account administration aspects of your Buy This House Profile.

Requests for Data Removal will be actioned via account deletion and data purges, both digital and physical data records.